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Five Things Students Should Do to Stay Safe and Secure Online

Five Things Students Should Do to Stay Safe and Secure Online This article was written and published on ISTE's blog in December 2017

As adults we often engage in activities that keep our computers, bank accounts and families safe. Our list of “to-do’s” continues to grow as our use of digital technologies increases. While these tasks are rote to us as adults we cannot expect that our students will follow our lead. It is our responsibility as educators to make sure our 21st century learners know how to do more than surf the web and consume media. All educators from classroom teachers to technology coaches and administrators should provide time during the school day to lead the discussion on digital literacy. Here are some ways to make sure our students stay safe and secure online:

1. Teach Students to Conduct Data Mines (on themselves) This should be something that students do every 3-6 months. While many will “Google” their name we need to teach them to dig deeper. Here are some ge…

Tech Check: A Yearlong Technology To-Do List

This post has been featured on Big Deal Media's blog and led to a follow up for ISTE's blog.

I recently got a cactus.  As I sat here looking at it I thought to myself "how am I going to remember to water this thing?"  Luckily it doesn't need water often in the fall/winter months...

I decided that I will water it the first new day of each month- making it easy to remember that I had something to do after I flipped the calendar.  That got me thinking- what else should I be doing monthly? I'm good about backing up my MacBook to an external hard drive since I get lovely little reminders (thank you, MacBook). Other tasks I get to when I think about it.  This cactus watering dilemma caused me to put together a schedule of all the things I "get around to" but should do more consistently.  Below is my calendar. Underneath is a bit of an explanation for each activity.

What else am I missing?
Here's a link to a Google Doc with the content below: https://g…

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